(and you had a plan to make it happen?)

Do you often wake up and think there must be more to life?

Many people in mid-life  find that they experience a longing to do more meaningful work.

If you have been feeling that would like to change to do work that matters more to you – you are not alone. Feeling stuck about how to change your career is frustrating and can be depressing. If you find yourself thinking “If only I knew what I wanted to do” then you are in the right place.

Unless you want to remain doing unfulfilling work for the next 30 years then it’s time to make a new plan.

I totally understand this place. For a very long time I heard that nagging voice that whispered “surely there must be more to life than this?”

I’m here to tell you that there is a way forward. Imagine this:

  • Doing work that speaks to your heart
  • Feeling excited about your future and sharing your new energy with your friends and family
  • Starting each new day with a clear purpose, knowing you are creating a life in line with your core values
  • Having written an action plan you believe in

You can achieve this.

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I’m Nicola and I struggled for years figuring out how to change my career. Now I help others who long for change. I support their plans to create more sustainable working lives and inspire them to greater accomplishments.

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